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How Security Systems Ease Burden of Police Officers 

In many cities, law enforcement is stretched thin. They can have trouble keeping up with demand between high crime areas, crowd control, and natural disasters. The last thing they need is to waste time responding to false alarms or situations that could easily be handled without their intervention. Here are a few ways that security firms can assist.  

Remote security monitoring

With remote video monitoring systems such as BOS Security’s VirtuGuardsecurity firms have insight into what is occurring in the building at all times. They can see firsthand what may require a response and what is just a false alarm. They can alert an onsite guard to investigate further and handle it themselves if appropriate or engage law enforcement if warranted.  


Threat assessment 

Security guards can deescalate the situation so that a police presence isn’t needed, which is better for everyone involved. Sometimes relatively minor events can set off an alarm, from someone opening a fire door to wind setting off a sensor. Without the intervention of a security firm, the police will have to investigate every incident, which can waste time and resources.  


Reduced costs 

Security monitoring can prevent police from wasting time responding to false alarms. Some police departments are even charging for excessive false alarms. Security can help avoid situations where an armed response can escalate when it could easily be defused. The time they spend responding to false alarms would be better spent on true emergencies. 



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