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Quick and Easy Tips to Protect Your Business from Theft

Security can be complex. Your personal and business success depends on keeping unauthorized people out and valuables securedIt can be tempting to go overboard on security, but no one wants to feel like they are working in a prison. While there is nothing wrong with investing in the latest technology with all the bells and whistles, there are some very simple ways to protect yourself that work hand-in-hand with your security team. 

Manage The Basics 

Keep track of all keys and key cards. Require that passwords be changed regularly. Doublecheck that all doors are secured when you leave. Know who is in your building—conduct thorough background checks on employees. Require visitors to show ID and sign it. Restrict the areas vendors, repair and delivery people, etc. are permitted.  


Keep Your Property Tidy 

Start with the basics, such as keeping the landscaping well-trimmed. Make sure any shrubs are not large enough to block windows or conceal an intruder. Keep the property in good repair. Walk around the building’s exterior. Look for loose door frames, large rocks that could be used to prop a door or break a window, or security cameras showing signs of wear. Check to see that no exterior lights are burned out. Inside the building, maintain a neat workplace so you know when something is out of place. Employee theft is a factor to consider. Out of place items could be staged for theft.  


Don’t Underestimate Social Engineering  

It’s so common that it’s become a cliché, but people with ill intent fool people because they are nice or don’t seem threatening. That’s how they get in when someone holds the door or elicit information they shouldn’t have in the guise of polite conversation. People think theft is someone in a ski mask hitting them over the head, but it’s often so much simpler. Train your employees to never let anyone in that doesn’t have a key/keycard or isn’t signed in. Teach them to recognize seemingly innocent conversation that’s designed to draw out information.  


Develop A Comprehensive Security Plan 

Don’t piecemeal your security. It’s common to start with basic security and add more as the need arises, but that can leave gaps or overlap or outdated products or processes. Conduct a security audit to ensure that all vulnerabilities are covered optimally, but you’re not wasting money needlessly. Find the right balance of on-site guards, remotely monitored video or motionactivated lights, and cameras.  



Looking for strategies to protect your business?  

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