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What is Commercial Theft?

Commercial property includes everything that is not residential property or government owns. Stores, businesses, parking lots, or event spaces are all examples of properties that could potentially experience commercial theft. Different types of property can vary in the specific risk factors they face. 

Retail Stores 

It can be difficult to keep people with bad intent out of retail establishments while also welcoming customers. As popular as profiling has become, you can’t tell by looking at someone if they will pose a threat. That’s why it’s critical to observe behavior rather than appearance. Video surveillance can monitor the entire store and observe how individuals behave. Remote monitoring is less likely to falsely identify someone as behaving suspiciously. Shoppers who know an employee is watching them often become nervous, and their anxiety may falsely read as guilt. Video cameras cover the entire sales floor rather than singling out individuals. It can minimize the impact of implicit bias of employees that can make a customer uncomfortable – even leaving the store – because of their own implicit bias. The downside of cameras is that you must make certain to prevent blind spots in placement.  



With non-retail businesses, there is typically a sharp divide between who belongs there and who does not, making it easier to control who enters the property. A combination of in-person security guards and video monitoring can prevent most commercial theft. Ideally, egress should be confined to a single, monitored access point to know who comes in and out. Patrols and cameras can ensure that doors are not propped open and no one attempts to enter through ground-level windows. Secure any valuables contained in the building and conduct background checks on employees and insist checks are performed on contractors as well.  


Parking Lots 

Always remember that security doesn’t end at the front door. Theft, vandalism, and assault can also occur in the parking lot. A fenced, locked lot is the safest, but not always realistic. Keep the lot well-lit, install cameras, and keep landscaping trimmed. Offer security escorts to those who must walk to their cars alone after dark. Be sure that your onsite guards inspire confidence, or employees might be reluctant to accept the offered assistance.  


Large Gatherings 

Whether it’s a planned event, a holiday sale, or a protest, surges in the number of people present on your property can be difficult for your security staff to manage. If you can anticipate increased volume, staff up for the event with temporary guards from a trusted security contractor. Also, alert your remote monitoring company so they can increase coverage on their end. It can ensure they don’t miss anything and can notify authorities promptly if needed.  



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