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What I Do Matters: Sean Broussard

What I Do Matters: Sean Broussard

As a member of the military BOS Security Officer Sean Broussard understands the structure necessary to ensuring the safety of others lives and property. In fact, the dedication to protecting and serving the community, so crucial to the make-up of a good soldier, is what drew Sean Broussard to private-sector security. And what keeps him devoted to his career.

Sean Broussard was born and raised in Maryland, but has deep roots that make him call Athens, Georgia, “home”. With one year on the job, Officer Broussard finds working to protect the sororities at the University of Georgia a duty which he carries out with pride. Parents and students alike appreciate the job with which Officer Broussard has been tasked. He provides them with a sense of safety that’s necessary in these troubled times.

Citing the need-and gratitude-for a safe environment Officer Broussard says “The first week after classes began I was already getting ‘thank you’s’ from the students. The appreciation was that fast!”

What I Do Matters Because

“Private security, unlike law enforcement, protects both the person and their property. Your property is an extension of you. If they can get to your business, your car, your home, then you can’t feel safe. Keeping you safe means keeping your property safe. By keeping your property safe you’re protected. To me, that’s the most important part of private-sector security.”

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job

“Getting to know the people in and around the area I serve is rewarding. Providing them with a sense of safety is my job, but hearing they appreciate it is rewarding. Students and their parents thank me, so I know it means a lot to them.”

What I’m Most Proud of At Work

“I’m proud that people appreciate the sense of security and safety. Being appreciated means a lot to me. Knowing that people are directly affected by my presence and being that presence, bringing that security, and hearing back from the people makes me proud.”

Protecting Students and The Community

This is Officer Broussard’s first year serving as Security Officer for the sorority houses at UGA, and admittedly it’s been a little different. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the downtown area has a curfew and bars are only open until 11:00 pm. Greek Life organizations have been asked to follow the guidelines (mask, sanitize, distance) to remain safe.

So the students along Milledge Avenue, as well as their parents, can relax a little bit knowing BOS Security Officer Sean Broussard is on duty. Officer Broussard protects and secures his community with the same sense of dedication and responsibility he called on to serve the United States.


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