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Emergency Preparedness: A Certified Feature of BOS Security

If you ask someone what a security guard does, their initial response may be that they check IDs at the front desk, monitor activity on security cameras, or patrol the grounds for intruders.  The reality is that security does all that plus much more. They are also on the front lines of emergency preparedness.  

Security firms must be up to date on FEMA best practices to protect their clients effectively. There is no limit to the types of emergencies that can arise from weather events to terrorism. In Georgia businesses and residents can be impacted by a variety of natural disasters, including hurricanes and tropical storms, tornadoes, lightning storms, wildfires, and floods.  Besides these natural disasters, they can also face transportation incidents such as a train or tanker overturning, spilling hazardous materials, terrorist attacks, and riots. The common element in responding to these events is the need to manage resources and protect people and property. 

Security firms can play a role 

Security can be instrumental in evacuating people from areas that are in the path of danger. They can also ensure valuable items are secured on or off the premises. They can advise and help clients take preventive measures such as covering or taping windows or removing items from ground level or other exposed areas, depending on what the specific emergency calls for.   


Protecting people and property 

While we would like to believe that people will pull together in an emergency, remember there are those who will see vacant properties as an opportunity to take advantage of. A security firm can ensure your property remains protected, leaving a guard on the property if practical or relying on remote video monitoring to keep an eye on things from a safe location. 


FEMA training for security firms 

FEMA provides coursework for security firms to ensure they are able to effectively protect the people and property they are responsible for.  

BOS Security is up to date on all FEMA coursework including: 

    • Emergency Response to Terrorism 
    • Emergency Preparedness 
    • Orientation to Community Disaster Exercises 
    • Professional in Emergency Management 
    • Basic Incident Command System 
    • Emergency Program Manager 
    • EOC Management and Operations 


Contact BOS Security Today

If you need to be better prepared for emergencies and natural disasters, contact the experts at BOS Security We can provide the resources and advice you need to protect your property. 

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