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How Security Companies Complement the Efforts of Local Law Enforcement 

You may wonder where the responsibility of private security ends and law enforcement response takes over. In an ideal situation, it is a symbiotic relationship – one where each agency is able to share information and cooperate without stepping on each other’s toes. After all, security companies and local law enforcement’s ultimate shared goal is keeping the community safe.

First line of defense 

Security companies can help law enforcement maximize security for their clients by serving as “boots on the ground”. Security professionals are trained to be alert and observant of risks and anomalies. They control access to the property, engaging with individuals on a one on one basis. They conduct foot patrols or view monitors to detect an intrusion or observe suspicious behavior. Guards can then alert law enforcement so they can respond as needed. This helps optimize the allocation of police resources to where they are needed most. 


Managing large events 

When it comes to events such as concerts, sporting events, or conventions, a partnership between law enforcement and security is a must. Police focus is typically on significant threats – worstcase scenarios such as terrorist attacks, national disasters, or fights that escalate into riots. Security firms can aide in keeping the peace by watching for unauthorized entry, shoving matches with the potential to escalate into something larger, and other suspicious behavior they have been trained to note. Their focus and experience free police officers to focus on more serious issues.


Shared resources 

Private security outnumbers law enforcement by a significant percentage in most locations. That gap is only widening with fewer police officers being added to the ranks and more businesses opting to hire security firms. Cost control is another factor—the use of private security, when appropriate, can potentially save taxpayers millions. Security firms often have access to advanced technology smaller police departments may not. Specialized security professionals often have more advanced knowledge of cybersecurity than local law enforcement does.  


How can a security firm help your business? 

A security firm that has earned the respect of local police can ensure you receive a rapid response to incidents. Law enforcement will be confident that they are not “crying wolf.” Also, it’s an effective way to deal with minor events without escalating unnecessarily 



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