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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Trade Shows & Conferences

Trade shows and conferences present a security challenge. They are crowded and often spread out. Displays can block sightlines. The venue is full of people who are preoccupied and in an unfamiliar environment. Attendees may not pay attention to their own safety as well as they should while trying to find their way or have conversations with presenters or each other. By the same token, security guards are in a tough position because it’s difficult to view threats in crowds. Remote monitoring can solve all these problems.


Video monitoring can augment security

Certain aspects of security will require in-person guards. They are needed for bag checks, or to confront offenders. They can also be helpful to maintain traffic flow and keep people out of areas where they don’t belong. They can communicate possible security risks that the video guards can investigate further.


Remote guards get a better view

Remote cameras provide an eye on areas that would be difficult for in-person guards to see. It can keep down added costs because the cameras are installed there whether the event has 500 attendees or 5000. To achieve a similar level of security with in-person guards, you’d need to ramp up the number of guards quickly and place them in a venue they are unfamiliar with. Guards may not know the blind spots and hiding spaces that are in the building. Visible cameras can act as a deterrent. Criminals prefer that their actions go undetected. If they know they are being watched, they may hesitate to carry out any plans.


Remote guards can assist police response

Security guards who operate remotely are typically well-experienced. They know what to watch for and are more likely to spot suspicious behavior in crowded, active areas. If the authorities need to be alerted, remote guards can quickly contact them. Remote guards can share video with the police to pinpoint their response and keep them and attendees safe. They may be able to tell whether or not a potential assailant is armed and prevent them from getting lost in the crowd.



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