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What I Do Matters: Lesley Turner

Lesley Turner is Wonder Woman. After raising five children she took on the task of providing security at one of the busiest-and most critical-military installations in the country. Langley-Eustis AFB, is located near the Virginia towns of Newport News and Hampton, and is command headquarters, playing host to dignitaries and high ranking military personnel on a regular basis.

Growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, six hours north of where she now lives, Lesley didn’t exactly dream of a career in security but answered the call while working for the Target Corporation in Human Resources. And that call came from an unusual source.

Lesley’s second-oldest son, Marcus, was working at Langley-Eustis in security at the time and, knowing the special stuff his mom was made of, encouraged her to come to work for him. Of course, working for your son has its “privileges.” “Whenever they needed someone to work late Marcus would say ‘Call my mom’, or ‘Mom can stay.’ Marcus always gave me the overnights!” Lesley teases, but you know those are proud mom moments.

After proving herself a steady, dependable, and focused access control operator, Lesley was moved into Marcus’ position of Site Supervisor. She now manages a team of 12-15 individuals.  Even though the military provides upper-level clearance and top-secret security, both military and civilian workers at Langley-Eustis have come to rely on Lesley to keep the installation running smoothly, especially during this time of quarantine, when only mission-critical personnel are allowed on base.

And it isn’t only those military personnel and civilian workers who come and go from Langley-Eustis and depend on Lesley Turner’s steady guidance. Lesley has been a mentor and champion for many of the young adults with whom she works. Initially concerned she may not “fit in,” Lesley Turner has become the stable, encouraging, and positive presence her coworkers, and those she serves, rely on.

What I do matters because…

“I’m providing a service that is exactly safe and secure. In security coverage that, and attention to detail, is important. It matters.”

The most rewarding part of my job is…

“Knowing it is a job well done. The camaraderie that comes when we all work together, building personnel and coworkers, makes it that way. I always remember names and faces. They all know who I am and when somebody needs something they just say, ‘talk to the lady in the fleece jacket.’ That’s how they all know me!”

What I am most proud of at work?

“I’m proud that I hold it all together. Staff turnover is lower now. There’s a challenge right now with the (constantly) changing protocols due to the coronavirus. Our team adapts and just goes with the flow. I am also proud of how I am mentoring the younger employees, encouraging them in opportunities to better themselves.”


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