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BOMA 2020: The Show Must Go On!

It’s disappointing that the annual BOMA Georgia Trade Show had to be canceled because of the danger of COVID-19. The show was scheduled for May 6th, and we were all looking forward to attending, but it’s essential to keep people safe and healthy, and it’s far from the only conference or event that needed to be canceled or postponed. With any luck, BOMA 2020 will be held on its revised date in October, but until we’re able to meet in person, here are a few FAQs to help you assess and meet your security needs.


Where is BOS Security located? 

BOS Security has offices in Athens, and Duluth, Georgia and Gainesville, Florida. We can support the Atlanta Metropolitan area and Greater Atlanta.    


How do you recruit your officers?  

At BOS Security, we select our Officers with great care because they represent our brand. Through best-in-class vetting and hiring processes tailored to each client’s needs, we select, screen, and hire security officers with the skills and aptitude to be the best professionals in the industry.  

Our human resource policies and hiring processes allow us to consistently hire and onboard superior security officers for our clients. Our policies include: 

  • Developing an understanding of your key hiring specifications and company culture
  • Vetting and rigorous screening of all candidates to your specifications
  • Providing only officers who match your requirements and culture
  • Ensuring all candidates have the aptitude and attitude to effectively serve


What kind of training do you require of your officers? 

BOS has developed a comprehensive training plan that is simple to modify to meet the requirements of multiple state jurisdictions.  Officers will exceed all State of Georgia licensing requirements as well as your site-specific training.

BOS will complete the minimum twenty-four hours of initial training prior to start plus eight more training hours during the first year. 


Do you provide Commercial or Class A Property-specific training? 

Yes! BOS Security ensures that all necessary subjects are covered and aligned with protocols in the CRE Industry and that the initial site training is conducted with the appropriate Property Manager.

Topics may include: 

  • Visitor Management
  • Greeter Services
  • Active Shooter
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Fire Prevention and Protection


Can BOS Security provide security services during a state of emergency? 

 Yes. Our security officers and staff are exempted through the Department of Homeland Security. We will remain open and operational during any State of Emergency. 


Can we request an online or digital presentation of your service offering? 

Of course! Understanding the importance of Social Distancing during this critical time, BOS Security has several options to interact with our clients and prospects, including Zoom, Teams, and WebEx.  


How is BOS Security responding to the COVID-19 pandemic 

BOS Security is in continuous communication with our clients and informing them of new developments and the potential impact of COVID-19.

We have also educated our officers on the importance of Social Distancing and preventative strategies such as wearing protective gloves while on duty, sanitizing surfaces, and avoiding touching their faces.

BOS Security leaders are actively engaged in informative webinars about the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure best practices are passed along to our clients and Officers.  


How does BOS Security engage with BOMA members?  

In addition to attending the monthly luncheons, the BOS Security team is actively involved in several BOMA committees and a participant in the annual BOMA Trade Show. Further, BOS Security is an Allied member, where we can promote positive connections and relationships in the BOMA community.  



Need Help Keeping Your People and Property Safe Through the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond?

The experts at BOS Security help keep commercial and residential buildings secure 24/7/365. If you would like more information on our security services, contact us at 404-793-6965.


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