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Identifying Red Flags When Screening Security Guard Candidates

Hiring is difficult in any situation, but when it comes to choosing a security firm, it’s especially critical to identify any potential red flags. Security guards are placed in a position of trust with exceptional access. Due diligence on the part of the company hiring security officers is particularly essential. A bad hire in most businesses can result in missed deadlines or lower quality products.

Hiring the wrong security guard can literally be a matter of life and death.

At BOS Security, we go beyond standard checks and interviewing techniques to uncover any potential red flags. You’ll always know who’s protecting you and can have confidence in the quality and expertise of the service you receive.


Consider this advice to help identify red flags:

1) Speak to each candidate’s managers and coworkers to ensure they never exhibited troublesome behaviors on or off the job. Job seekers are typically selective about the references they share, so it can be challenging to get an accurate assessment of their attitudes, temperament, and skills when they are controlling the narrative. That’s why it’s essential to talk to several different people to determine a potential officer’s suitability for the job.

2) Ask questions regarding how they would deal with different types of real-life situations. For example, assault and trespassing teenagers should elicit two different reactions. It’s essential to evaluate if they are likely to have a proportional and appropriate response. Security guards should be steady, measured, and alert. They should not be cowboys or hotheads.

3) Investigate any claims thoroughly. If you hear reports or even rumors of inappropriate behavior such as disrespecting coworkers, employees, or guests, engaging in physical or verbal abuse, racial profiling, or stalking, check them out. You don’t need to jump to conclusions, but it’s important to ask questions and observe.

4) Describe high-stress situations they may encounter and ask them how they would respond. Especially revealing is seeing how they would act in a crisis or when pulled in more than one direction. Don’t expect them to give you a specific answer; just use the time to evaluate their thought process and demeanor.

5) Watch for signs of arrogance, aggressive behavior, impatience, sexism, or racism, for example. Trust your gut. Is this a person you will be proud and confident to have on your property?


Your company’s safety and security are essential.

Contact the experts at BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to learn more about how to identify red flags and choose a security company that will develop a security plan for your organization. We can assess your security objectives; then design and implement a comprehensive plan to mitigate the risks.


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