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6 Questions You Must Ask Your Security Company

Choosing the right security company can be a daunting task. There are myriad of options — from small local companies to large national firms. The wrong decision can cost your company money and put you at risk. Begin by verifying the company is licensed, insured and in good standing. At a minimum, they should carry general liability, workers’ comp and business insurance. 

Then, ask these six questions to ensure you select a company that is reputable, trustworthy and cost-effective. 

How will you assess my requirements?

You may have ideas about what security is required to keep your company safe. Perhaps you have identified areas where you would place an armed or unarmed guard, or technology such as cameras or sensors. But you are the expert in your business, not security. A quality security company will be consultative and conduct a thorough evaluation of your physical location and risk factors. They will develop a comprehensive plan that may be larger or smaller than you expect.

Can you share local/industry references?

Check to see how satisfied other businesses are with the security company. It’s important that references are both local and in a similar industry so you are comparing apples to apples. You could very well contract with a reputable national company and find they have a poor local reputation. You should also consider firms that will understand the specific challenges and concerns of your industry.

How are security officers selected and trained?

You need more than a warm body to park at the front desk. You need individuals who understand potential risk factors, can identify them and react quickly should a threat arise. It’s essential the security firm provides security officers who are trained, licensed and have undergone an extensive background check. Security personnel should receive ongoing training as applicable in security technology, counterterrorism, public interaction and risk assessment.

How are officers supervised?

The security company should be willing to discuss how they ensure your security needs are fully covered. They should have a consistent chain of command and a strategy for staying in touch with their guards on duty. Ask what technology they are using, such as GPS tracking, to ensure that guards are where they are expected to be and making scheduled rounds where required.

What technology will be included?

Ideally, your security provider will supply all the technology and equipment required from uniforms to intrusion sensors so you don’t need to look for other suppliers. However, ask what provisions they make for incident reporting, patrol notification, facility and safety inspection tracking, etc., to ensure they are providing an all-in-one security solution. 

How do you charge for your services?

Will the security company charge a flat fee for all services or will you be charged per officer? If your security solution includes individuals with different levels of skill and experience, it may be more cost-effective to be charged an hourly rate per officer.


Your company’s safety and security are essential.

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