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What Keeps Building Owners and Managers up at Night?

As a building owner or manager, there’s no end to what can keep you up at night. With the right security partner, keeping your tenants and assets safe doesn’t have to be one of them.  Here are just a few of the common issues they worry about, so you don’t have to.


Anticipating the Unexpected

Security depends on planning for any possible eventuality. There needs to be a proactive strategy for every contingency. But what happens when something arises that you failed to anticipate? Security professionals constantly run just-in-case scenarios and even consult with industry peers to plan more effectively and stay abreast of emerging threats.

Being Short-Staffed

It can be difficult to know how many guards you’ll need, as it depends on the nature of the venue. If there are sudden changes in requirements, will you have enough qualified staff to cover your security needs? This issue can easily be rectified by partnering with a security partner. They may assign a core security team to your location and will be able to add people as needed without increasing overhead.

Underqualified Staff

Hiring for building security is not for the faint of heart. No matter how rigorous your screening methods, there is always the chance someone can slip through the cracks who is not fully qualified for the task at hand. A security partner will take a more holistic view of your security needs, conducting a threat assessment and putting proven best practices into place to ensure every contingency has been considered.

Unpredictable Demand

Security needs can vary depending on normal business variations. There are busy periods to account for, events that can make egress difficult to control, and unpredictable situations that can increase security risks. But with a security partner, none of these scenarios should keep you up at night. Your security partner is responsible for having the right people with the right skills in place right when you need them.

Disaster Planning

Turn to your security company as a resource in your disaster contingency plan. They can help you manage the impact of weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes on your business. Their understanding of weather events typical to your area and expertise in analyzing best practices can give you peace of mind.


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