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Airport Security 18 Years After 9/11

Believe it or not, the terrorist attacks on targets in New York City and Washington, DC were 18 years ago. A child born that day would be old enough to vote now. Much has changed in airport security since then. Prior to this event, you could see your loved ones off at the gate, carry a knife with a blade as long as 4 inches and load your carry-on with liquids with impunity.

Now, as most travelers know, a wide variety of items are banned, including virtually anything sharp, and liquids are severely restricted. Travelers have had to make sacrifices in the name of security.

BOS Security has been right there on the front lines of airport security, helping travelers reach their destinations safely. Our employees provide security for airports in several U.S. locations.

Many of our team members were inspired by the events surrounding 9/11 to enter the airport security field. They find their jobs meaningful and fulfilling, but know that travelers often don’t understand what goes into keeping them safe in the skies.

BOS Airport Security Officers combine a commitment to security with a focus on providing exceptional customer service. They know that taking the extra time to treat travelers with empathy and respect can go a long way toward keeping them calm and compliant without sacrificing professionalism or safety.

Travelers arrive at the airport, usually hours before their scheduled departure. They come prepared for inconvenience and delays. They may be annoyed when an item they packed is not permitted or if their luggage undergoes extra scrutiny, but they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, the dangerous items that are confiscated or the dangerous passengers who are prevented from boarding.

Interested in Joining Our Airport Security Team?

Learn more about what it’s like to work in post-9/11 airport security; then contact the security career experts at BOS Security. Almost everyone flies or has loved ones that do. At BOS Security, our priority is getting people to their destinations safely. If you would like more information about airport security jobs, visit our job board or contact us at 404-793-6965.


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