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Making the Most of Contract Security Professionals     

Once you have decided to hire contract security professionals to protect your business, it’s essential to set them up for success in your organization. Here are some best practices to make the most out of this opportunity.

Treat them with respect

The security professionals you work with will have a specific responsibility within your company, so teach employees how to treat them. Be clear regarding the role they will play within the company. Establishing a relationship of trust is essential to the success of your security team.

Acknowledge their expertise

No one knows more about your business than you do; however, contract security professionals know more about keeping your organization safe than you do. Follow their instructions and recommendations whenever possible. If you have questions about their input, you can follow up with their supervisors directly after the fact. Particularly in the event of a security incident, it’s important to comply with their response.

Allow them to focus

Do not ask security guards to perform jobs outside of their job description. It may seem like no big deal for them to empty a trash can, for example, but they should never be distracted from their security duties. Second, if they are injured performing an unapproved task, they may not be covered by the security company’s insurance and you may be liable.

Provide regular feedback

If a contract security professional is doing an especially good job, let their managers know. The guard will appreciate it and so will the security company. They can leverage the success of  the individual to create a template for the kind of skills and experience they should seek in their next hire. By the same token, tell the security company if their employee is not performing to their standards so they can correct or replace them.

Review the company online

Since the security company depends on their reputation, taking time to share publicly that you were pleased with their service will go a long way to improving their reputation and keeping their business strong. Providing referrals is another way to show appreciation for your contract security company.


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