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What I Do Matters: Todd Denton 

Todd Denton grew up in Oconee County, Georgia, and moved to Athens, Georgia when he was 20. He has lived there ever since, and now has a 23 year old son. Although he started his career in Oconee County with the local Sheriff’s department, after moving he worked at Athens Regional Medical for 24 years. Now, Todd has been with BOS Security for three years, and was recently promoted to Lieutenant. 

After leaving Athens Regional, Todd took a year off to spend more time with his son and his family. But, when he was ready to return to work, he knew he wanted to go back to security. Todd loves working with people, and even though he originally only wanted a part time job, he enjoyed the job so much that he switched to full-time and became a sergeant. 

For Todd, a typical day starts late. He normally works nights, and says that he spends most of his time at work checking his sites, making sure everything is okay, and making sure that his guards are doing alright and have everything they need. Weekends are the busiest at night, but he is proud to say that they are 100% crime free thanks to all of the guards and workers that take care of their sites. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? Well, recently we had what you call “rush” at the sorority houses, and I worked with over 200 sorority girls there. It was raining, the freshmen were coming in, it was just a hectic night. At the end of the night all the girls called me into the house, and they had made me a big “thank you” card, and they all told me they were grateful to me for keeping them safe. So the most rewarding part is when someone is thankful for what I do, and I know that I did a good job and made them feel secure.  

What I do matters because…My guards and I make sure that our sites are safe and that everyone is secure. I know that in the hotel, in the sororities, and wherever we are, people are able to feel safe and out of harm’s way because we’re there to protect them. All of our security officers do an excellent job of keeping people safe and making them feel comfortable because they know someone is looking out for them.  

What are you most proud of at work? When I started here, we had maybe 25 or 30 sites. So the thing I’m most proud of is that I was able to work closely with my boss to build the company up to over 80 sites, with 120 officers, and the fact that we’re still growing is just incredible. I’m very proud of all of our guards and the reputation that we have created. 


By: Salina Sanders 



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