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Making the Most Dangerous Cities in America Safer Through Video Monitoring

Crime rates have steadily gone down in recent years. This decrease can be attributed in part to the increase in the number of video cameras placed in high-crime and high-risk locations. The ability to record and remotely monitor people’s movements, while it does have a “Big Brother” perception, can act as both a deterrent to violent crime and the ability of law enforcement to arrest and prosecute criminals. This is evident in some of the highest crime cities in the country.

Video Plays a Significant Role in Reducing Crime

Several factors have gone into decreased crime rates, including a lower number of males in the 18-24 age population, which is the group that commits most crimes. It’s gotten harder to get away with crimes because of DNA, GPS tracking, and above all, surveillance cameras. Activities can be recorded or remotely monitored in real-time, which can serve as a deterrent for criminal behavior or at least give law enforcement a head start on making an arrest.

Cameras Can Be Placed Virtually Anywhere

Cameras can be used in places like subways, hotels, train stations and other high-traffic areas around the city. Remote monitoring is available 24/7/365, no matter what the weather or other conditions. In high-crime areas where you would be reluctant to place an unarmed guard for their own safety, you can still provide security by targeting crime hot spots.

High-Crime Cities are Seeing the Results

Cities like Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Baltimore, Maryland, have seen dramatic reductions in violent crime levels in areas where video cameras are used. Violent crime in the United States has dropped by 32% since 1990. In large populous cities such as New York, violence has gone down as much as 64%. This can be attributed in large part to the increased presence of surveillance cameras. Some of the highest crime rates are along interstate drug corridors such as St. Louis, Missouri, and Cleveland, OH. Surveillance cameras on these roadways and in tollbooths are making it easier to track criminals.


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