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Does My Business Need Video Surveillance? 

For most businesses, the answer is yes. Video surveillance is a cost-effective and comprehensive method for protecting large or remote areas or any business after hours. Video is monitored live by highly qualified remote security professionals. For some industries, remote video surveillance is particularly useful. 

Automotive dealerships 

The auto industry has high-value merchandise that is left out in the open 24/7, leaving it vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Because there is typically no foot traffic in these areas after closing, it’s easy to quickly identify and respond to any issues through remote video monitoring. Round the clock video monitoring can ensure that unauthorized people are not tampering with vehicles or equipment. 

Junkyards, scrap and reclamation centers

These businesses can cover acres, typically with blind spots and places to hide. Not with a strategically placed business security camera system monitored with remote video security services. This protects your valuable merchandise from theft and damage as well as avoiding liability as an attractive nuisance.  

Cannabis farms 

This crop takes up a lot of space, often in remote areas. It’s also highly desirable and in demand. Remote video monitoring is safer and more cost-effective than stationing guards on site. With 24-hour surveillance monitoring, you can keep your product safe without putting people at risk.  

Retail establishments

Remote video surveillance services can be invaluable in a variety of retail environments. Whether your store is in a high-crime area, features high-value items or is difficult to cover on foot, remote monitoring ensures that your property is protected.  

Residential properties

From gated communities to apartment complexes, residents count on you to keep them and their belongings safe. If you have a guard shack or security patrols, live video monitoring and surveillance can augment their presence, identifying potential problems and alerting on-site security or courtesy officer. If you don’t have other security staff, remote guarding is a viable and cost-effective option.  

Office buildings

Keep your office safe after hours or increase the range of your on-site guards with remote security monitoring services. If your building is empty over the holidays or you want to protect a skeleton crew, remote monitoring can keep your business and employees safe for a fraction of the cost of a security guard. 

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