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Auto Dealership Security: Benefits of Remote Video Surveillance

Night Time Drive-Bys

Too many automobile dealerships today still depend on the outdated random mobile patrol to protect their inventory.  Criminals are not stupid; they know to simply hide while that mobile patrol drives past the lot and then go back to work on stealing your cars after they pass.  This may be less costly than paying an on-site guard (that you hope stays awake) for the entire night, but it’s also of little value.

Your automobile dealership probably has cameras installed around the lot, usually of questionable quality.  This may or may not provide a quality picture the next morning, after your vehicles are vandalized, stripped, or stolen outright. Maybe the police can catch the criminals from those recordings, maybe not, but your cars are still damaged or stolen and you have less inventory to sell the next morning while your insurance costs rise.

Remote video surveillance (remote guarding) is the 21st century solution to protect your automobile lot.  Remote guarding provides superior coverage of your dealership lot, with immediate responsiveness during the crime and at a significantly lower overall cost.

Remote Video Surveillance Is More Effective

Remote video surveillance provides comprehensive coverage of your entire automobile dealership lot immediately, but active monitoring is the key.  Remote guarding provides that continuous coverage of your lot to prevent theft or vandalism.

If there is a criminal incident on your property, Remote Security Officers will identify the situation and take appropriate action immediately.  This could be as simple as announcing that the trespasser is being monitored and encouraging them to leave the property. For more serious situation, our Virtual Security Officer will call law enforcement and then stay on the phone with the dispatcher providing live updates on everything that is happening. This prepares the arriving police officers for what they will encounter including the number of perpetrators, descriptions and their hiding places.

Remote Video Surveillance is Less Expensive

Remote video surveillance is more affordable than ever with the advances in technology and reductions in camera costs.  Once your camera system is in place the hourly cost of remote video surveillance is dramatically lower than on-site guarding.  For only a few dollars per hour, you get much more effective protection for your car dealership than on-site guards.

If you think you can’t afford remote video surveillance, ask for a quotation and see for yourself, you’ll probably be surprised at how affordable it is.

Remote Video Surveillance Lowers Insurance Costs

Actual savings will vary by insurer but investing in remote video surveillance can lead to lower insurance costs than video that is not actively monitored.  If you can demonstrate that your business is proactively working to reduce losses, then you may be able to convince the insurer to lower your premiums.

If nothing else, if something tragic happens on your property later, then you have documentation of the event.  False workers compensation claims can be prevented.  Employee theft of inventory can be identified.

Taking steps to implement a comprehensive, monitored video surveillance program can demonstrate that your business took steps to prevent problems before they happened.

Remote Video Surveillance Never Sleeps

Right now, your car dealership is probably unprotected if you are depending on the traditional, outdated methods of security in the industry.  What are the odds that criminal is going to be dumb enough to stand out in the open when your mobile patrol drives by?  Is that on-site security guard that you are paying making patrols or sitting in the office looking at his phone and texting with friends?

Remote video surveillance officers are working together in a command center somewhere.  Every keystroke they make is being recorded for the audit file so that you can always verify that your property is being protected when you are not there.

Additionally, if there is a group of criminals working your lot, how effective is that lone security guard?  Will they be able to call the police if they are surprised?  Virtual security guards are safely in another unknown location and able to respond quickly and alert law enforcement to all the details of what they can expect to encounter when they arrive including the number of criminals with detailed descriptions and exact hiding spots.

VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Surveillance

Thieves aren’t still using their methods from 1980’s to perpetrate crimes so why are you still protecting your automobile dealership with 1980’s-era methods? Would you want the encryption on your bank account to still be using technology from ten years ago?  If you’re interested in remote video surveillance for your business, inquire today about BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ remote guarding service.


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