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How to Affordably Secure Your Business 

Keeping your business secure is essential, but it can consume a large chunk of your budget. Whether you wish to monitor your property after hours, have remote locations that make it difficult to hire, or want to extend the reach of your security staff over a large area, hiring security guards can be expensive. 

Remote video monitoring services can offer a more affordable option.  

Compare the costs 

Remote video surveillance services can be implemented for a fraction of the cost of a security guard. An on-site guard typically earns $20 an hour or more. Multiply that by all the areas you need to be covered, and the costs add up quickly. But the cost of not securing your people and property is even higher. On the other hand, remote video monitoring service costs can be less than $3 an hour. There is virtually no limit to how remote guarding can be used. 

Augment your security team 

Hire a security guard for your front desk to control access and augment their services with live video monitoring and surveillance. This allows your guard to remain focused on the task at hand without being distracted by false alarms. Cameras can be placed at other entrances, on fences or walls, in parking lots, or remote areasThese cameras can be monitored from one central location preventing your main guard from being distracted. 

Cover more ground 

Business security camera systems can offer 24-hour surveillance monitoring that can extend the reach of a guard. Remote monitoring can cover remote outposts or areas that are dangerous because of weather conditions or hazardous materials.  Combining on-site guards and remote surveillance is a cost-effective security solution that doesn’t sacrifice the safety of property, employees, or guards. 

Low-risk areas 

There are reasons that you may want some monitoring of your property, but don’t believe the presence of an on-site security specialist is warranted. This is when the cost of installing a video surveillance system is easier to justify. Cameras can be placed in areas like parking lots, roofs, pools, or anyplace as needed and can be monitored remotely.

Want to learn more about how you can add this affordable option to your business? 

Contact BOS Security to learn more about our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services can protect your business at a fraction of the cost of human guards.   


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