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Reducing Violence Through Remote Guarding

While on-site guards can offer deterrence and rapid response to violence, remote guarding can have an even greater role in preventing violence. Cameras that are monitored remotely can cover a broader range of the property less invasively and at a lower cost. Cameras located in plain sight can act as a deterrent to would-be offenders. Cameras that are not evident can follow the movements their movements undetected.

Partnering with on-site guards

Remote security professionals can operate in tandem with on-site guards to identify breaches and high-risk areas. If an incident occurs, they can notify the authorities as well as the on-site guards. The guards can perform actions to ensure safety, whether that means evacuating or locking down a secure area where they can wait out the threat. Combining security guards and remote monitoring offers a system of checks and balances while keeping costs down.

Controlling the environment

Remotely monitored cameras can prevent the kinds of low-level crimes that can escalate into a violent event. It can improve the confidence of the employees or residents to know that security will be aware of suspicious people and will take steps to ensure they are not a danger. VirtuGuard™ remote monitoring services can issue voice alerts warning trespassers to clear the area or, in high-risk situations, contact the police.

Capturing Criminals

Virtual Security Guards can offer resources to law enforcement that they might not otherwise be able to access, such as descriptions of suspects or vehicles. If facial recognition is employed, the police may even be able to tell who the suspect is and investigate incidents faster and more effectively. The guards can notify 911 in real-time, giving the police details regarding suspect location or direction they may have fled. Because they are assessing the situation from a variety of camera viewpoints, they can prevent officers from being caught unaware by an assailant.


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