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Five Benefits of Video Surveillance Security

Video technology today is revolutionizing the security industry.  Today’s video surveillance systems are much more affordable and easier to install than ever before. Rather than paying for human guards to monitor an area we can use artificial intelligence built into security cameras to monitor a much larger area and alert a virtual security officer to review the scene live.

Remote Guards Capture Criminals

Virtual Security Guards work with responding law enforcement to catch criminals in the act.  Rather than reviewing video recordings the next morning and hoping for a clear shot of a license plate or maybe a face, our Remote Security Guards will call in law enforcement immediately, while the crime is in progress.  Additionally, our Virtual Security Guards stay on the line with the dispatcher and guide the law enforcement officers directly to where the criminals may be hiding.  We even give detailed descriptions of the perpetrators before the police arrive on the scene and warn them of any potential danger that we see.

Remote Guarding is More Affordable

Video Surveillance allows you to cover a much larger area more efficiently.  A lone human security guard on your property is limited to line of sight protection at any given moment.  At the same time your security guard is on one side of the building, the bad guys may be breaking in on the other side.

With video surveillance, our Virtual Security Officers have eyes on all areas of your property at once.  With today’s motion sensing capabilities, your cameras can alert our officers to a situation much faster than waiting for your human guard to stroll around the building on rounds.

Video surveillance equipment is more affordable than ever and once installed monitoring fees are a fraction of the cost of paying for a human guard on property.

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Virtual Guards Are There When You Aren’t

Video Surveillance allows us to monitor your business remotely when you are not there.  If anything happens, our Remote Guards can call you, your on-site human guard, or law enforcement as the case warrants.

Let the cameras record everything that happens and our Virtual Security Officers respond and put your worries to rest.

Discounts on Property Insurance

Depending on your insurance company and the assets you are protecting you may be eligible for discounts on your property insurance.

Daily Monitoring Provides Protection

An often-overlooked benefit of improved video surveillance is your ability as the business owner to observe the daily operations of your business.  Are your employees working efficiently?  Are customers being helped promptly?  That better view of your business operations during operating hours can lead to valuable improvements in training your employees.

Don’t make the mistake of investing in a camera system that is not actively monitored.   BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ service provides peace of mind that your business is being watched while you are away.

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