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Incident Response Plans: What do Businesses Need to Know?    

An incident response plan is an essential part of your security strategy. Businesses need to understand what defines an incident and the appropriate response should an incident occur. While the idea of incident response seems reactive, laying the groundwork proactively will enable you to deal with whatever arises swiftly and effectively. 

What is considered an incident?

A reportable incident can be a variety of things including workplace accidents and injuries, violence or threats of violence or physical or cybersecurity breaches among other events. 

What is an Incident Response Plan?

It is a written outline of steps to be taken in the event of an incident like those outlined above. When an incident occurs, adrenaline and emotions run high, which can make it harder to respond in a thoughtful and clear-headed manner. Post these instructions where any employee can find them either online or easy to see on location. Go over the plans from time to time with employees so that they understand the basics and where to get more information.

What should the plan include?

Each category of an incident should have its own specific plan. Plans should include how to identify an incident, what they should do in the moment and who to report the incident to.

How can you establish an incident plan?

Conduct risk assessments to determine likely risks. Train employees on safety procedures and equipment so they are ready to respond when the time comes. Assign an incident response team of employees who have the qualifications and willingness to respond to an event. Document any incidents. A detailed report should be prepared that includes the incident, the response and what was done to avoid a recurrence. 

Why did the incident occur?

Analyze the root cause of workplace incidents. Consider why the incident occurred and how to prevent it from occurring again. Include risks that had not been previously identified, procedures not followed, inadequate training, equipment missing or in poor condition, employee behavior or ineffective communication. 


How can you prevent workplace incidents?

It begins with a thorough risk assessment from a qualified security firm. Contact the experts at BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to learn more about how to mitigate security risks and choose the right security company.  As a trusted security provider, we can assess your security objectives, and design and implement a comprehensive plan to mitigate the risks.


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