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Finding a Solution to Eliminate Workplace Shootings

While crime, in general, is decreasing because of a variety of factors, workplace violence is on the rise. Short of turning your business into a remote-only workplace,  how can you ensure the safety of your employees and customers without interfering with daily business? A response plan is essential in the event of a workplace incident, but better still is prevention. What steps can you take to reduce the risk of a workplace shooting?

Visible Guards

On-site guards, particularly if they are armed, can be a serious deterrent to an armed assailant. But, it can be tough to find a balance between making your employees feel confident in the security you provide and intimidating them and increasing anxiety levels. On the one hand, a well-trained and armed guard can prevent an event from escalating, but they can also create a cross-fire situation that increases the danger to bystanders.

Remote Monitoring

Video cameras, especially those equipped with facial recognition software, can be monitored from a central location by security professionals who can identify high-risk situations. They can see if a door has been propped open, someone is behaving erratically or if a former employee is attempting to access the building. With correctly placed cameras, potential assailants can be identified on the periphery of the property before they get close enough to harm employees.

Threat Assessment

In response to an incident at Paycom, a large human resources technology company located in Oklahoma City, a threat assessment guide was developed to identify potentially dangerous people in the workplace. The guide asks questions about personality changes, personal difficulties and/or drug or alcohol abuse and confused thinking. Depending on the answers, actions can be taken ranging from “a one-on-one meeting, to termination to obtaining a protective order or calling 911.

Employee Involvement

The first line of defense against workplace shootings and other violent incidents is training and encouraging employees to observe and report incidents or concerns. There are often visible signs before violence occurs.  Teaching employees what to watch for and providing an easy way to report danger signs can increase the number of eyes and ears attuned to possible trouble.


Security Experts

Partnering with an experienced security company can give you peace of mind. They know how to identify threats and how to respond before it escalates.  Contact BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to get started. We can help you develop and implement a workplace security plan to keep your employees safe and productive.


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