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Security Technology: Facial Recognition AI

Security technology is constantly advancing. It’s becoming less expensive, more accurate and easier to use. One of those advancements is facial recognition AI, a market which is expected to be worth $6.84 billion by 2021 compared to the $3.35 billion in 2016. Facial recognition has been used for everything from payment methods to productivity. It’s an accurate and reliable tool in protecting the company’s security and assets.


Facial recognition aids asset protection

The security industry is increasingly relying on Facial Recognition AI technology to keep the people and property they are responsible for safe. Using this technology enables businesses to quickly identify security threats which can be immediately addressed, whether that means observing and reporting on an individual, escorting them discreetly from the premises or contacting authorities.


How does facial recognition work?

Cameras are equipped with or connected to facial recognition software that measures the distances between different points on the face. It creates a sort of face print which can be compared to identity databases. These measurements cannot be concealed by things like beards or heavy makeup. It would take extensive plastic surgery to even attempt to fool facial recognition AI because of the specificity of these data points.


How can facial recognition AI be used for security?

Access control. By creating a database of the facial identities of employees and other authorized personnel, facial recognition AI can compare the facial characteristics of parties attempting to enter with existing database with much greater accuracy than the human eye.

Threat and intrusion detection. AI-enabled surveillance cameras can scan faces even at a distance to determine if they match in-house or criminal databases.

Perimeter and asset monitoring. Cameras placed throughout the perimeter of the property or around assets that need a high level of security can be monitored remotely.

Known individual detection. AI software can be programmed to scan faces for specific people who should not be permitted to enter the building.


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