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What Is the True Cost of Budget Security Services?   

It can be tempting to cut corners on security, particularly if you have never had security issues. However, the question you must ask yourself is, “What will the jury say when the plaintiff’s attorney points out that you hired the lowest bidder for security services?”


Security is a non-negotiable

The problem with budget security is the stakes are so high. If you decided to purchase a lower bond of printer paper or cheap pens, it’s easy to rectify if they prove unsatisfactory. Making the wrong decision in choosing security services can be a matter of life and death. Consider the potential liability caused by inexpensive (and inadequate) security solutions.


Make sure it’s not all for show

There are buildings that appear to have all the bells and whistles, but security is still lax. For example, it doesn’t matter how many security cameras are in place if they are neither in the right locations nor closely monitored.


Beware of blind spots

You are a security specialist. Guess who else is? Those who wish to breach your security. They will be the first to figure out where cameras don’t reach, which guards are inattentive, what security door is most likely to be propped open. Next time you’re walking through a building, think about how you would breach it, not how you would secure it.


Speak their language

When discussing security with a client, offset any talk about cost with specific data about loss prevention and the potential for positive impact on their bottom line. For example, detailing how security will keep their tenants safe might be warm and fuzzy, but presenting information in terms of the ability to charge higher lease rates or prevent vacancies may have greater impact.


Get real about what’s at risk

A serious breach in which your company is held liable can bring on lawsuits for everything from negligence to wrongful death. What’s more, you can lose your business, either through high dollar damages or irreparable damage to your reputation.


Need additional advice on security spend?

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