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Security Technology: How Robots and Humans Work Together in Safety

Increasingly, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming a significant part of the security landscape. They don’t take breaks or sick days and don’t come with inherent bias that can be problematic when identifying threats.

Unfortunately, humans are not always comfortable with robots. Too many people have seen science fiction featuring robots gone rogue, or they are simply unsure how to interact with them. It’s natural for people to be uncomfortable. But once they understand what they can do, most people will readily accept them.

What can the use of robots mean for security?

A security robot can become a substantial part of your existing security program. Combining the use of robots and humans can improve areas like access control or surveillance. Robots are seldom used to replace humans, but rather augment their presence – going where people may not be willing or able to go safely or working in conditions difficult for human security guards to endure.

How are robots used in security?

Monitoring perimeters and parking lots. They can scan license plates to identify vehicles and track how long a particular car has stayed in a spot. Robots can detect people in restricted areas and with facial recognition software, determine if they are authorized to be in that area. The robot can then alert a human security guard who can determine the appropriate level of response.

Identifying dangers. Robots can be equipped to detect risks like explosive devices, radiation or other dangers. They can also detect temperature changes, gas leaks, liquid spills or open doors. Robots can be an especially welcome presence in areas that can be hazardous to human guards. Through machine learning, the robot can continually improve the breadth of hazards it detects.

Control access and foot traffic. A robot can control spaces with regular patrols of areas you program or be placed at access points. Security robots can extend the presence of human security with real-time video that can be monitored by a guard. A human guard can be stationed at an access control point, with a robot performing regular patrols, allowing for greater territory coverage with fewer security guards.

Gaining human acceptance.

Robots can help to automate undesirable tasks, which can be an important factor in gaining acceptance. Educate people who will be interacting with any security robots. People are unaccustomed to the presence of robots. It is important to let them know what to expect and how to engage. Consider the design of the machines you use. Do you want them to appear innocuous or even friendly to make people more comfortable interacting with them? Consider factors such as how fast the robot moves and how it reacts when encountering a human – whether friendly or unauthorized. How does the robot receive input?


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