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Security Technology: High Resolution Radar

What place does high resolution radar have in security systems? Increasingly, it is used in motion detectors and sensors in commercial and home settings. It can reduce the number of sensors required and improve the accuracy of motion detection, reducing the incidents of false alarms and keeping costs down.

Advantages of radar security systems include:


Radar can cover a large area and doesn’t face the issues typical of surveillance cameras such as blind spots. Radar can be used along with cameras, activating the video surveillance system to unexpected motion. The video monitoring system can provide a centrally located guard with information that can be analyzed to determine if a threat is present.


False alarms are dangerous, not just because of the time spent responding to them, but because each time they occur, they reduce confidence that the next alarm is a true one. The increased accuracy afforded by radar can reduce or eliminate them.


Radar surveillance is not impacted by weather or lighting conditions that can affect cameras. It is also not triggered by the movement of wind or small animals. This protects your investment as well as your business.


Radar can provide more detail than typical motion detecting systems including speed and direction of a disturbance. And with a coverage field of up to 90 degrees, it can “see” where cameras often cannot.


Radar detection systems can be easily concealed, since the signals can penetrate most materials. This provides the advantage of being both covert and aesthetically pleasing.


Because fewer sensors are required, costs are lower. Technological improvements are driving down the cost of radar security to the extent that it is available for home use. Most commonly to detect intruders or even falls in the case of an elderly resident.


Radar security sensors can be adjusted to the boundaries you choose, the entrances you want covered and to ignore areas where personnel are authorized to be present. This prevents the system from alerting unnecessarily.


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