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Ways to Improve Airport Security Before the Busy Travel Season

As travel season heats up, there is no shortage of articles geared toward vacationers with advice on preparing for the airport. How to pack, what questions to expect, how to streamline their security screening process. What’s tougher to find are suggestions for airport security personnel on what they can do to improve security before the influx begins.

If you are an airport security officer, here’s how you can prepare to better manage your daily responsibilities in the upcoming travel season.

Review your training

This is no time to have doubts or hesitation or need to refer to manuals or a supervisor. Vacation travelers are not always frequent travelers. Your confidence will calm their nerves and speed them through the screening process efficiently and securely. You are the last line of defense for airline security and the human face that travelers will remember.

Stay up to date

It can be challenging to be an airport security officer with homeland security and the airlines trying to balance consumer convenience with national security. Rules can be subject to change. As threats to airport security evolve and grow, you’ll need to keep up with the latest practices and procedures to perform your job effectively and keep passengers safe.

Get plenty of rest

You may be working double shifts or additional hours during the busy season. Taking care of yourself is critical for remaining healthy. One of the most common complaints among airline travelers is unkind or impatient security agents. Ensuring you are at your best can help to improve the experience for travelers. More pleasant interactions can make them more cooperative. Coming to work healthy and well-rested will also improve your on-the-job performance. Being fully alert ensures you don’t miss any abnormalities or security risks.

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