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Welcome to the Remote Lifestyle! Is Your Facility Prepared?

The Coronavirus has thrown everyone for a loop. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors completely, while others shifted their employees to work from home.  Either way, that leaves your property vacant and vulnerable. How can you keep your business safe without putting anyone at risk? Consider these best practices to keep your people and property safe. 


Access Policy 

Are there essential personnel permitted on the property? Newly remote employees who want to stop by to pick up a plant or notebook they left behind? Be clear on who is allowed to be in the building and when. Guards will have enough to do keeping intruders out of the building without wasting time arguing with employees wishing to enter for unauthorized reasons  


On-site Security 

For some businesses, having security guards on location is non-negotiable. You may have items on-site with a dollar high value or high need for security. A guard can be instrumental in keeping people out of the building, whether they are intruders or employees or customers wishing to gain access. Limit the number of guards to only the essential while remaining mindful of social distancing and disinfecting guidelines. This can help keep your business safe while minimizing the risk of spreading the virus. 


Remote Monitoring 

There has never been a better time to replace or augment your security staff with a remote video monitoring service. Remote security guards can monitor cameras onsite at your location. They can alert on-location staff to irregularities to check out, notify authorities or even warn intruders away via voice alerts. Verbal warnings may not deter thieves but can scare off nuisance trespassers.    

Maintaining a productive remote staff can be enough of a challenge without worrying about what’s going on at your facility. Remote monitoring services and other creative security strategies can help give you peace of mind so that you can focus on taking care of your business.



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