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Quick Cybersecurity Tips to Teach Your Remote Workforce

Chances are you have put a great deal of thought and resources to cybersecurity in your business. Your physical location, software, servers – you’ve got it all locked down. If you are like most business owners, it never occurred to you that you would be taking your business fully remote with little warning. In a perfect world, you would issue company laptops to remote employees, locked into only the data they are permitted to access and loaded with the latest iteration of virus protection. 


But the rapid spread of the Coronavirus made that impossible.  

Your employees are working from home often on their own equipment and you have no idea what their personal security practices are. Are they taking turns on a desktop shared with the whole family or to they have a personal laptop they can secure? Are they working on a tablet, a Chromebook or even their smartphone? It’s out of control. 

It’s uncomfortable and stressful to think the security of your business is not under your control. What you can do is share best practices with your employees to keep propriety data safe and prevent the spread of computer viruses.  


Consider these quick cybersecurity tips your employees can deploy at home:

  • Watch for emails that appear to be from a trusted source.  
  • Trust your instincts. Has your boss ever asked you to buy a bunch of gift cards before?  
  • Call your manager to check or send a separate email. Do not reply to the email you are questioning. 
  • Watch for coronavirus-related phishing attacks.  
  • Be suspicious of emails asking for passwords or logins. 
  • Do not click on suspicious links or open suspicious attachments  
  • Password protect your Wi-Fi to be sure your connection is secure.  
  • Install anti-virus software and keep it updated. 
  • Keep security software up to date. Check regularly for patches and updates 
  • Backup regularly to prevent data loss in the event of a breach or equipment failure. 
  • Avoid cafes or coworking spaces if possible. Social distancing is often possible in these spaces. 
  • Lock your screen and have separate logins if using a shared computer. Make sure your connection to your work network is secure.
  • Know the escalation process in case of any security issues. 


Keep your Business Secure 

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