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What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding (aka virtual guarding) brings a 21st century solution to bear on an age-old problem.  With the utilization of CCTV technology, remote guarding dramatically lowers the cost of security for your business while improving coverage.  Utilizing your on-site video cameras, virtual security officers in the remote Security Operations Center can visualize your entire property in seconds or minutes without leaving their chair.  An on-site human guard would have to walk the entire property to see everything and while they are on one side of the building, they are unable to see what is happening on the other.

Motion sensing, heat sensing, and even lidar or radar technologies can provide an even more efficient coverage of your property.  The moment that these technologies are tripped, they present both a recorded video snippet of the trigger as well as a live view of the scene to the virtual Security Officer, ensuring an immediate response.

Virtual Security Officers respond to each of these incidents as appropriate.  This may be as simple as dismissing a deer that has wandered through the parking lot to calling law enforcement to arrest thieves or vandals.  With audio capability, Officers can speak to the persons on the scene, perhaps giving a friendly warning that they shouldn’t be in the area or giving more stern warnings that they must leave immediately.  Technology brings the ability to customize the response to your specific needs.

Remote guarding protects your business at a fraction of the cost of human guards.  Does your security company offer remote guarding options for your business?  If not, call BOS Security and learn more about our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services.




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