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What is Virtual Guarding?

Virtual Guarding or remote guarding is a real Security Officer monitoring your property remotely via the internet.  Today’s video camera technology makes it incredibly efficient for our virtual security officers to monitor your property more effectively and at lower cost.

Our team of virtual security officers, working together from our central Security Operations Center, connect to your video cameras via the internet.  Technology today makes it even easier with motion sensing, heat sensing and even lidar and radar capabilities.  Whenever anything on your property moves, our team of virtual guards are alerted and respond immediately.  The virtual guard receives a brief video clip of the activity that triggered the alert as well as a live view of the scene.  They can then respond appropriately.

Working in conjunction with your on-site security guard, our virtual guards can dispatch the local security guard to the incident and even prepare them for what to expect when they arrive.  Similarly, if the incident requires law enforcement response, our virtual guards will stay on the phone with emergency dispatch, detailing the situation including descriptions and locations of the perpetrators.  When police arrive on the scene, our virtual guards are still on the phone, relaying the perpetrators hiding places so that police can most safely and quickly apprehend the criminals.

All these actions of our virtual security guards are conducted under supervision and every move they make creates an audit trail for later review and training as well as evidence in court.

Your security officer calling in sick is no longer a concern when the BOS VirtuGuard™ team is protecting your property.  Our Security Operations Center is manned with a team of professionals ready to provide security protection for your business.  This team approach also ensures that if there are incidents happening at multiple locations on your property, they can all be handled simultaneously.

If you’d like to learn more about virtual guarding, call the VirtuGuard™ experts at BOS Security to learn more.



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