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Is Your Security Guard Sleeping on the Job? (2023)

Is Your Security Guard Sleeping on the Job?

You put a lot of trust in your security guard, especially if they are protecting your business after hours. Unfortunately, most security companies don’t provide you with any accountability of what their guards are doing at night when they are alone in your building. This can leave your business in a vulnerable position if the guard is caught sleeping on duty or leaving their post to attend to personal matters.

BOS Security Offers TWO Solutions to the problem of Security Guards Sleeping on Duty

Guard Tour Software for On-Site Security Guards

If you are paying for the services of a security guard company to keep your business and employees safe, then you deserve to know where your security guard is at all times when they are on duty.  BOS’ TrackTik guard tour system allows you to know that your guard is making the tours that you expect. Whether you only have a security guard on duty at night or subscribe to 24-hour security guard services, your business is only protected if the security guard on duty at night shift is doing their job and patrolling the areas where you need them. BOS puts an end to your security guard falling asleep on duty.

TrackTik Increases Efficiency of Your Security Guards

When your security company provides you with TrackTik equipped security guards, you know you are getting strictly controlled and efficient security. Due to the increased accountability and protection provided by the 24/7 monitoring of security guards using the TrackTik system, your business will be safer than ever. You can rest easy knowing the security guard service you paid for is hard at work keeping would-be vandals and thieves away from your property.

guard suite guard tour

Working with your company stakeholders, BOS will identify your most valuable assets and tailor your security guard patrol tour accordingly. Defining your checkpoints based on this analysis ensures that we are covering your priorities. TrackTik allows us to define what happens at each checkpoint, including logging, displaying a message, opening a report form, asking exception questions, or triggering an incident alert.

With GPS and QR code scanning technologies, management knows exactly where your security guard is throughout their shift and that those tours were successfully completed.

An additional value-add is the ability of BOS Security Officers to report on other items of interest including maintenance situations or safety hazards that your office or facility maintenance team should address.

Remote guarding is the answer to security guards sleeping on the job.

Is Your Security Guard Sleeping on the Job? Protect Your Business with VirtuGuard™

VirtuGuard™ is BOS Security’s nationwide remote guarding solution that never sleeps.  Using your existing security cameras, coupled with audio speakers and artificial intelligence, VirtuGuard™ provides more comprehensive coverage of your property at a fraction of the cost of an on-site security guard.

Comprehensive Visibility: A traditional human guard can only see what is immediately around them.  Using your business’ security cameras, the VirtuGuard™ Security Officer can visualize and monitor your entire property in near real time.  Independently, VirtuGuard™ Officers can respond via audio speakers on your site to intervene and deter criminals as they enter your property OR we can make your on-site security guard more effective by alerting them to where they need to reposition to respond to the threat.

Respond to Crimes as You Expect: VirtuGuard™ Security Officers will respond according to protocols laid out by you, the customer.

Prevent Crimes Before They Occur: Voice responses alerting criminals that they are being observed are nearly 100% effective in preventing crimes before your property is damaged or people injured. If the trespasser does not respond to our team’s warnings, the VirtuGuard™ Command Center security guard will call your local law enforcement and stay on the line to guide their response to your property.

Improved Police Response: Police Departments today are overworked and cannot respond to all calls promptly.  A video verified crime gets a faster response from local law enforcement

Lower Cost: This use of technology reduces your security budget by as much as 60% over traditional human security guards with greater coverage.

The VirtuGuard™ Command Center never sleeps, manned with a team of security guards 24/7 ready to respond to alerts on your property.


Whether an on-site security guard utilizing TrackTik officer accountability software or our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding solution that never falls asleep, BOS Security is prepared to meet your security needs.  Call us today to discuss your needs.

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