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Atlanta has one of the most competitive employment markets in the country.  In every business, including the security industry, wage rates impact quality.  It’s true everywhere and its why the phrase “you get what you pay for” is so popular.

If you are thinking of hiring a security guard company, price is important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. If you choose that lower-priced guard company, then most likely they accomplished that by lowering the wages of their officers. Lower wages often mean they will provide you with lower quality, poorly trained, personnel.

Security Guard Wage Rates in Atlanta

When considering the hiring of a security company be sure you are getting quality service. As the customer, you can specify a fair wage rate.  If you are unsure, use sources like your local Department of Labor statistics or industry trade associations can help or you can use a wage marker (sample wage). Specifying the minimum wages paid to security guards allows you to compare bids from the security companies in an apples-to-apples fashion.  With equal wage rates, you can then make an easy comparison of where your money is going.

The average wage rate of an unarmed security guard in Atlanta, Ga is currently $15/hour with a reasonable range of $14-$17 depending on your specific circumstances.

Specify Training for your Security Guards

In preparing your RFP you should also specify the training that is important to you.  The State of Georgia only requires 24 hours of initial training and 8 hours per year of ongoing continuing education.  The security needs of your site may require specific training topics to be covered.  Work with the security company to be sure your needs are met.

Level the Comparison Between Security Contract Bids

A guard company with a lower price may turn out to be more expensive if they have lowered their price by lowering the amount they spend on wages and training.  Specifying minimum wages will show you how much of what you are paying will go to well-trained security personnel and how much of it goes to company overhead. A well-run, more efficient company offers a better value in the long run. Specifying the wages will also set the bar for the type of experience and skill you expect to get for your investment.

Labor costs represent the most significant portion of the security guard contract; by leveling them, you can better assess how much value and quality you can expect from each bid and have a more informed basis to compare them. Do your research, ask questions, specify fair wages, and consider the value you expect in order to make an informed buying decision for security guard services.


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