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Do Security Guards Make Good Money in Atlanta?

Do Security Guards Make Good Money in Atlanta?

Atlanta, GA: The security industry is a steadily growing, dependable industry that you know will never go away.  As the strains on law enforcement grow, more and more businesses, residential communities and governments are turning to private security companies for support.  Technology will never completely replace the human security guard that can interact with an employee, client, or resident.

How Much Does a Security Guard Make?

According to, security guards in Atlanta can make anywhere from $13/hour to $20+/hour and higher.  This all depends on the client’s budget and security needs as well as the employee’s experience in the security field and responsibilities on the job.  An Armed Security Officer or a Concierge Officer in a Class A building will earn more than the warehouse security guard working the night shift.

Atlanta Security Guard Wages

Do Security Guards Get Benefits?

Security guards should absolutely qualify for benefits anywhere they work.  Exactly what benefits the security guard receives will depend greatly on the different companies that they work for.  Security guard benefits may include paid time off for vacations or sick leave, health insurance, retirement benefits, life or disability insurance, or tuition reimbursement.  Working as a security guard is a career choice and should include the same benefits as other jobs.

Would You Rather Work for A Large Multi-National Security Company or A Smaller Regional Guard Company?

What is the company culture of the security company that you work for?  Your security company employer probably has a specialty or will assign you at certain types of clients.  There are very, very large security companies (like Allied Universal, the third-largest employer in North America) that will have tens of thousands of employees worldwide.  On the other hand, are the regional security companies where the top management is more involved.

Unscrupulous Security Guard Companies Will Take Advantage of You

Paid Training: Any reputable security guard company will pay employees for time spent in training.  Some firms only pay minimum wage, others pay regular wages.  If your security company doesn’t pay you for your training time, find another company to work for!

No-Cost Uniforms:  While some companies do ask you to place a deposit, Security Officers should never have to purchase your uniforms.  Uniform costs should be built into the bill rate to the client and paid for by the security company.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Security Guards?

Opportunities for Advancement Working in the Security Industry

Working in the security industry is a career choice that comes with opportunities for advancement.  As you receive more training and gain more experience, your security company will promote you to higher levels of supervisory responsibility.  Your first step might be to supervise a few Officers on a particular shift and eventually have responsibility for an entire contract or city of security guards.

The number one skill required of a security guard is customer service.  If you are patient and enjoy working with people, then a job as a security guard may be right for you.  Visit our job board by clicking here to learn more about our current job openings for security guards in Atlanta, Athens, and throughout North Georgia.

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