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How Wage Specification Can Improve Your Security Contract

Wage Specification

There are two main things to think about when seeking a security contract – how a security company meets your needs and cost.

A common misconception is you should let the security company give your business a quote. However, they aren’t intimately familiar with your requirements.

For a better security contract, already have a wage specification in place to ensure the best combination of service and budget.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

The problem that happens when trying to get quotes for security contracts is many security companies try to compete, which means they quote with lower wages. While this might sound good at first, cheaper usually means you get minimal security services.

As with any service, the cheapest options typically aren’t your best options. In trying to seem competitive, you get a low rate, but you only get the most basic security. Along the way, you get hit with surprise fees and offers for much higher paid services.

By setting a wage specification to begin with, you set the standard for pay. This takes out the low bidding competition and shows you’re serious about security.

Comparing Companies Accurately

It’s impossible to compare security companies accurately without a wage specification. You might as well compare apples to oranges. Sure, every company offers security services, but they’re vastly different.

Company A might offer security services at minimum wage, but the company is rarely available when you need to contact them and you’re never sure if the guards are doing their jobs. With Company B, you pay more, but you get highly trained security guards, dedicated customer service and tracking services to see what guards are doing.

For the most accurate comparison, look for companies within your wage specification. Of course, you should be realistic. The BLS provides detailed wage guidelines for all 50 states to give you an idea of the mean salary for security guards.

Looking At Requirements

Before you immediately go for the average or even lower end of the wage spectrum from BLS, consider your requirements. You can’t expect the pay for a security guard at a small retail store in a great neighborhood to be the same as a hospital guard in a dangerous area.

The requirements and risks for the job should also determine your wage specification. The best security companies evaluate your business and security needs with you to ensure their guards are paid accordingly. By setting an appropriate wage specification upfront, you’re able to find better security companies that match your needs.

Better Pay Attracts Better Companies

The higher quality security companies aren’t willing to work for free. While they offer affordable services, their jobs are risky. By setting a higher wage specification, you attract better security companies.

Think of it as being able to weed out the lower quality services and get companies that have:

  • Extensive training
  • Training in your specific industry
  • Customizable security options
  • Security guard accountability
  • Relevant certifications
  • Extensive references


Save Time And Money

With every bad security contract you enter in to, you’re wasting both time and money. You might end up with guards that only have a few months worth of training that spook the moment someone tries to steal something in your store.

While you save money initially, your security contract isn’t helping protect you.  In fact, you’ll usually get a cookie cutter package that may or may not work for your industry.

Instead, set a higher wage specification and be realistic about seeking the right kind of security contract. You’ll get better security upfront without any hassle. Plus, it’ll be customized to your exact industry and needs based upon a security evaluation. It’ll also be altered as needed for optimal security.


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