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Why Security Matters After Your Business Is Closed

You create a security strategy to keep your business, employees and customers safe during business hours.

However, what happens when your business closes for the day? Does this mean you don’t need security anymore?

The truth is, you need security at your business 24/7. Even though you’re closed, crime doesn’t take the night off.

Criminals Don’t Care About Locks

You tend to want more security during business hours since your doors are unlocked and you have a steady flow of employees and customers coming through. When you lock up for the day, you feel secure in knowing that your locks and maybe even an alarm system are sufficient for keeping your business safe.

Criminals don’t care about your locks. Many of them carry tools for picking or breaking locks, even electronic ones. Your alarm system is a great addition to your security strategy, especially after hours, but it only alerts you as something is happening.

This leaves your business vulnerable for precious minutes while law enforcement arrives. This gives criminals time to steal or damage what they came for and get away.

Adding remote guarding to the mix makes your security more effective after you’re closed. With someone watching the cameras, law enforcement is notified before a criminal has a chance to do anything.


Less Chance Of Getting Caught

Protecting your business during the day is important, but criminals don’t have set hours for breaking and entering. In fact, crime happens at all hours, including after you close.

However, if a criminal has something specific in mind, they may wait until your business closes to attempt a break in. Why? There is less chance of getting caught. Since security is often lessened after hours, it’s a less risky endeavor.

Vandals Love Late Night Attacks

Vandals love when businesses reduce their security after closing. Without a security guard or remote guarding, vandals are free to break things, paint graffiti and do other various damages to your property.

When customers and even employees see evidence of vandalism, they don’t feel safe. This is why it’s vital to secure your property at all hours. Sadly, a fence with a lock just isn’t enough. After all, vandals have no problem climbing or cutting through fences.


Care For Employees Working Late

Even though your business is technically closed, you might still have a few employees that work late or have to come in randomly. They need security too. For instance, having a security guard to walk them to and from their cars at night helps to keep them safe from criminals.

If any of your employees frequently work late, you need 24/7 security that goes beyond the basics.

Businesses Are Always Vulnerable

Since criminals never take a break, it should serve to reason that businesses are always vulnerable. Closing and locking your doors doesn’t suddenly turn your business into Superman and make it seemingly invincible.

For a determined criminal, every business is a potential target. The only thing standing between them and your business is additional security measures. You never know for certain when something may happen. Being prepared is key, even if that means hiring a few security guards and/or investing in remote guarding.


Reduce Overall Crime 24/7

Areas where most businesses tend to close around the same time are like candy stores for criminals. This is especially true if the only security involves locks and alarms systems. With alarm systems, you might ignore alerts due to too many false alarms.

Having security guards patrolling inside and out along with remote guarding helps you to reduce overall crime at your business and the general area. After all, criminals don’t want to get caught. They’re more likely to target the business with little to no security versus the one with guards standing outside.

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