Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Security?

Too Much Security

Security is always a good thing, right? As with any good thing, there can be too much of it.

In an effort to keep your business, hospital or community safe, it’s easy to go overboard. However, too much security could do more harm than good.

Finding the right balance is crucial to ensuring optimal security without affecting the day to day activities of employees, customers and/or residents.

Creates A Security Arrogance

When you have numerous security guards, security cameras and electronic entrances, people tend to feel almost arrogant about security. While they should feel safe, you want them to still take notice of what’s going on around them.

If they feel too comfortable, they might not notice someone stealing right under their nose. Or, if they do notice, they’ll ignore it and just assume a security guard sees it too. Even with an overabundance of security, it’s still possible to miss some things.

An example of security making people feel too comfortable is anti-counterfeiting measures in currency. With the Canadian $100 bill, people felt the security measures were so secure that they didn’t need to double-check their bills to ensure they were legitimate, despite being warned to check.

People should be aware that security is also part of their job. When they see something odd or suspicious, report it to a manager or security guard. It’s only when everyone works together that you have the most secure environment possible.

Security Can Get In The Way

A common problem with too much security is the security actually gets in the way. For instance, if you have a small location with five security guards milling about, they could get in the way of customers and employees. Security shouldn’t be a nuisance that negatively affects your business.

Another issue is adding in too many layers of security. For example, having a guard check IDs, then requiring employees to scan their ID to open the door and scan yet again to access their office is cumbersome and unnecessary. The entire process takes valuable minutes out of their day.

Security Is Too Intimidating

Of course, too much security becomes a problem when it starts to become intimidating. For instance, students fear a lockdown culture as suggestions are being made to add bulletproof glass, armed guards and electronic entries in schools after the Parkland, FL school shooting.

People who aren’t doing anything wrong shouldn’t feel afraid or intimidated by your security measures. They should feel safer. Having heavily armed guards walking the hallways of your office building might make employees a little edgy.

Carefully consider how security affects everyone. If it’s too intimidating, it might drive people away.

Impossible To Prevent Everything

No matter how many layers of security you have, it’s impossible to prevent everything. For instance, you might have your entire business on lockdown, but a cybercriminal could hack into your surveillance system, shut it down and still have someone in the area break-in.

In an ideal situation, an abundance of security would mean a 100% secure environment at all times. Sadly, this doesn’t work. Security guards aren’t invincible and cameras can malfunction or may not be at that perfect angle at the right time.

Trying to keep adding more security after every small incident isn’t going to solve the problem if it means hurting your business or intimidating employees, customers and/or residents.

Finding The Right Balance

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take security seriously. However, if you only have a three-room business, you probably don’t need a dozen security guards and surveillance cameras. One or two guards along with four or five carefully placed cameras provide ideal security without getting in the way of employees or customers.

Take into consideration your surrounding area and its crime rate, the likelihood of minor and major security incidents, the value of your property/data, number of employees/customers/residents and the physical size of the area that needs protection. There is a right balance. Start small and work your up to find the balance that works perfectly for you.

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