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Continuing Education: A Vital Necessity for Security Guards

Continuing Education: A Vital Necessity for Security Guards

Every BOS Security officer begins their career at our firm with a high level of experience and training. Still, we recognize that the security field can change, and it’s essential to adapt. Skills can become stale or outdated. Threats can change, and security officers must adapt to respond effectively. After all, who would ever guess that pandemic response would be part of a security officer’s job description? Also, security technology evolves rapidly. Ongoing security training will benefit the security officer, the client, and the security service provider.


New Attitudes Toward Security

Increasingly, security is recognized as a service-first position. Previously guards equated standoffishness with professionalism, but today we find that a blend of professional and friendly demeanor can go a long way toward gaining cooperation from the people they serve. This can make their job much easier because they will be more willing to trust you and come to you when they notice any anomalies you may need to address. It may take some ongoing training to teach veteran guards that this is a valid security option.


High-Performing Employees Require High-Level Training

As a security officer’s job becomes more demanding, it requires a great deal of experience and training. If you want your guards to be ready for today’s security challenges, keep them updated on changes in the field and security practices, including:

  • Access control – both people and baggage
  • Assessing risks of situations or individuals
  • Awareness of relevant legislation and laws
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency procedures including evacuation, fire safety, and first aid
  • Maintaining a highly visible presence to deter illegal behavior
  • Making quick decisions and prioritizing duties
  • Monitoring and controlling traffic movement
  • Observable signs of substance usage or intoxication
  • Observing and identifying hazards
  • Operating surveillance equipment
  • Security technology training
  • Weapons training as needed


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At BOS Security we provide ongoing training that exceeds state and federal requirements. When you trust us with your security needs, you can be confident that every security officer is vetted, professional, and well- trained.  If you have specific questions about how we train our guards, please get in touch!

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