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What I Do Matters: Andrew Morgan


Andrew Morgan is a bit of an “old soul”. At just 22 years old he has the convictions and maturity of someone much older. That’s why, as a security officer for BOS, Andrew has been so very successful keeping order at the University of Georgia chapter of a national sorority.

Officer Morgan has been with BOS for just shy of two years. In that time he has earned the respect of his coworkers and his superiors for his excellent job performance. Although Officer Morgan’s background is in Computer Science-he earned his degree from Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville-he became interested in security after speaking with Carter Greene, VP of Operations at BOS Security. Carter Greene stressed the importance of community safety, which impressed Officer Morgan and he rose to the occasion.

Having a background in Computer Science means attention to detail is a must. At the sorority house that serves as Officer Morgan’s detail, having a keen awareness of the goings-on around the area serves as a “super-power” of sorts, especially when celebrations are going on around Athens.

The community’s law enforcement appreciate the assist, and Officer Morgan’s youth plays an advantageous role. As Andrew Morgan states,

“One of the biggest challenges comes when the fraternities get a little rowdy. Being close to their age allows me to calmly diffuse the situation before anything occurs that could cause problems. It’s also good to have the fraternities close by and helps to keep the contact lines open.”


What I Do Matters Because

“Security is always a necessary extension of what the police do. We provide constant vigilance and protective measures. Should anything occur we’re there immediately. Because we are there the law enforcement community appreciates us. The girls feel safer because we are there and the house mother, and parents of the students, are very happy to have our presence.”


The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is

“Just knowing that my presence deters delinquents and criminals from doing harm within the community. Seeing me there deters criminal activity and makes the possible offenders think twice. My presence as security allows the residents of the sorority house to rest easy. Even if they don’t say ‘thanks’ the dependability we provide is there and I know they appreciate it.”


What I Am Most Proud of At Work

“I’m proud of my work ethic. I’m proud of the fact that I am dependable and other people can rely on me to be there and do my job to the best of my ability. They know they don’t have to worry. Todd and Tim always thank me for what I do and other officers know me by reputation. I’m very proud of the job I do.”


Dependability and pride in a job well-done are just part of what makes BOS Security Officer Andrew Morgan an amazing part of the BOS Team.






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