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New Training Announced for BOS Security Officers

New Training Announced for BOS Security Officers

One of the factors setting BOS Security apart from the competition is our commitment to ongoing training. We begin by recruiting the cream of the crop to our team, then ensure each individual is provided with the resources they need to perform at their peak on the job. The latest addition to our training arsenal is the TI Training Firearms Simulator System. It’s a safe, cost-effective alternative to live arms training.


How Does the TI Training Firearms Simulator System Work?

This system allows BOS Security to provide more comprehensive training for our armed security officers. It includes basic marksmanship and immersive video simulation experiences to assess and improve judgment in a near-real life experience. Features include:

New Training Announced for BOS Security Officers

Simple to Use

The system is designed to operate in normal lighting conditions and can be deployed in a conference room for convenience. It projects life-sized images on a wall or screen to give users a realistic experience. This advanced training provides peace of mind for both our clients and security officers by assuring that each officer has the judgment to respond in the best possible way to each scenario quickly.

Mobile Convenience

The system is mobile – we can take it to our officers on-site rather than taking the time to assemble them all in a central location. This is more convenient for the officer, meaning less time away from the job and ensuring they get plenty of time on the system. It allows us to customize each officer’s experience, adjusting the simulation in response to the participant’s behavior. Hundreds of video scenarios are currently available, with more being added every quarter.

Taser and OC Spray Training

The system includes simulations for taser and OC spray (pepper spray) hypotheticals. The laser weapons simulators feature recoil, giving the officer a more realistic shooting experience. It is the same system used by law enforcement to train police officers.

Low-light Training

Al flashlight feature illuminates the portion of the screen that would be covered by a flashlight in a real-life scenario, simulating real night-time experiences. It records the officer’s actions so it can be played back to show them exactly what they did or didn’t do during the experience.


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