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Save Your Business Money With the Help of Remote Guarding

Save Your Business Money With the Help of Remote Guarding

It’s never been more critical to keep your business protected. If your employees are working from home, there are fewer eyes and ears to discourage intruders. If you are in an area that can be subject to civil unrest, you may be looking for solutions to protect your property without putting security officers in harm’s way. If you are facing a downturn in business, your security budget may be tight. These are all factors that make remote guarding worth consideration.


Here are a few ways remote guarding can save you money:

Lower insurance costs

Talk to your insurance provider about what remote guarding could mean for your insurance costs. In some cases, it could lower your premiums. It can also provide evidence on claims. For example, remote guarding could provide proof of a fraudulent workers’ comp or slip and fall claim that could be used as evidence. Fewer unnecessary payouts could help keep insurance costs down and reduce exposure to lawsuits.


Reduce the number of on-site guards

While “boots on the ground” guards are an essential aspect of a comprehensive security strategy, you can augment your team at a lower cost with remote security monitoring. Remote guards can cover widespread areas, hazardous materials, and difficult to access parts of your property. Factors that affect humans, such as bad weather, fatigue, or inattention, are nearly eliminated with human guards. Since the guard doesn’t face the same risk as on-premises guards, you pay less.


Prevents theft incidents

The cost of stationing enough guards on-site to see every nook and cranny of your business would be astronomical. By augmenting your team with remote guards, you can visualize the entire property at a fraction of the cost. Remote guards can observe suspicious behavior from a customer or employee and alert the on-site guard to take action. It can save you substantially in lost property over the course of a year.


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