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Securing Office Space in a Remote-First World

Securing Office Space in a Remote-First World

One of the few positives that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic for some companies and their employees is that many jobs can be performed just fine remotely – in fact, some employees are even more productive working from a home office where they don’t face the distractions and interruptions of a typical workplace. In fact, according to McKinsey research, 80 percent of respondents enjoy working from home. Forty-one percent report increased productivity. 


How can you adapt your workplace? 

As we attempt to return to some sort of normalcy, employers are considering how to use this data to plan for the future of their businesses. Some may use this opportunity to downsize their space, particularly if they have lost business in the pandemic-driven recession. Others may retain their existing space, giving employees the option to work in the office some days and at home others. 


Do you need more space or less? 

In some cases, employers may need more room for the same number of employees because of social distancing requirements. For example, it may be necessary to move cubicles further apart, add dividers where there had been none, or use only every other desk. All of which adds up to lower occupancy, in some cases, increasing security requirements. 


Are you ready for continued change? 

What may appear to be a smart workplace strategy may change. You may need to scale up or down as employees become more or less comfortable with being in the office. Some business units may be highly productive working remotely, while others may need an in-person, collaborative environment to succeed. Your workspace and security plan must remain flexible to keep up with this evolving world of work.  


What should security look like now? 

Remote security can be a welcome addition to the post-pandemic workplace. You can cover a larger area without needing to add to onsite security staff. Remote video monitoring can stretch your security dollar. If you are tightly controlling access to your building to help prevent the spread of infection, your onsite security staff is free to focus on entrances while the remainder of the property is covered by remote security.   


Need to learn more about securing your workspace? 

Trust the experts at BOS Security. We help keep your post-remote workspace and employees safe. If you would like more information on security strategies for a changing work environment, contact us at 404-793-6965. 

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