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Security Technology: A New Demand for Contactless Security Tools?

Security Technology

Sooner or later, the economy will fire back up, and we’ll all get back to work. But it won’t be like flipping a switch, and everything will go back to normal. It will be a slow ramp-up, and some things will change for good. One of those changes is that people will seek low or no contact methods of interacting and doing work. That includes security.  

Obviously, remote guarding will be one way to minimize contact, but what about when things get back to normal, and you need to control access to specific areas of your facility? Will there be new methods to access those restricted areas? Number pads have always been a haven for germs, but what can replace them. 

Security measures that have gained popularity in recent years, such as facial recognition and fingerprint ID, are facing challenges from those wearing masks or who balk at using touchpads.  

Biometric security

Biometrics is one of the 30 industries seeing increased demand from the pandemic, and that includes voice, facial, and iris recognition as well as mobile biometrics. 

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is one of the least reliable of the biometric options because there are so many factors in authenticating, including the ability to detect if the voice is live or from a recording.  

Facial Recognition

Engineers at Alibaba are working on facial recognition software that will detect the presence of a mask and focus identification efforts on the eye area.   

Palm Recognition

Redrock Biometrics has developed PalmID, a biometric authentication software that uses touch-free technology to recognize the palm of users. 

Low Contact Fingerprint Scans

Biometric passcards allow users to scan their fingerprint on their own card to verify identity and access, rather than a shared touchpad. This means each user can confirm their identity, role, and level of access, by scanning their fingerprint on their own personal card – removing the need for shared devices. 

Mobile Biometrics

Mobile biometrics allows touch-free identity verification on the fly, which can keep costs down and also enable security guards to check identities while on patrol. With increased reliance on remote monitoring, guards may need to cover more ground. Mobile biometrics ensure they are fully equipped, even if they aren’t sitting at the front desk.  

Fever Detection

Body temperature checks may become a regular part of the workplace. Technology has been developed that offers remote real-time fever detection, which can be especially helpful in large facilities, hospitals, and transportation centers such as airports or large rail stations.  

Remote Security Guarding

Of course, remote security monitoring will continue to be a top choice in contactless security. Any part of your facility can be kept fully secure with no danger of infection to offsite guards or individuals on site. 


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