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Update Your Remote Security “Firewall”

Remote Security

Cameras can sometimes offer a false sense of security. Users may believe that once they have installed a security camera, they are all set. After all, if all you need is to make sure the only people on your property are the people who belong there, who needs all the bells and whistles, right? This is a common – and expensive – misconception. Upgrading your security hardware is about more than adding the latest features; it’s also about keeping your business protected and hackers out.   

According to recent research, as many as 7 out of 10 security cameras run out of date firmware. No big deal? Just one camera running outdated firmware can expose your entire network to cyber-attack. Updating it as required can ensure that any vulnerabilities can be patched or resolved as quickly as possible.    

Consider also user error.

People are busy, and it’s easy to skip security measures. Review the default settings on IP cameras. Change the admin login and password on new equipment. Hackers may be able to find the default user and password info online! They are always trying to intrude into systems. There is no reason to make it easy for them.   

Cameras are only one means of egress to your system for hackers. Security must be updated at every touchpoint.  

Update software, including operating systems, regularly.

Don’t wait when an upgrade is announced or think that you can upload antivirus software and forget it. Hackers are creative and diligent. They are continually looking for new ways to breach security systems, antivirus providers are dedicated to keeping them out of your system, but can only do so if you do your part.  

Look for weak links.

Is there an employee who is likely to be vulnerable to social engineering? Or who might have their password on a Post-it taped to their monitor? Training and management oversight can close this means of entry.  

Who do you allow into your business?

Most security-conscious companies keep careful track of the people who enter their building but may not pay as close attention to virtual means of entry. What is your security practice for employees, customers, or vendors who may bring their own devices into the building? Are employees permitted to access the network from home? Be sure they maintain the same security standards you expect in the office.   


Is your security system keeping your property safe?  

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