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What I Do Matters: Jim Hilton

BOS Armed Security Officer Jim Hilton truly cares about people and it shows. His kindness is contagious, and his protective nature is an asset to his position. Although Officer Hilton retired from his career as an active EMT, he has kept his certification simply so that he can help if the need should arise.

This New Jersey native (who refers to himself as an “escapee” from the Garden State) has lived in many different areas of the country, but is proud to call Georgia, and specifically the Athens community, home.

Officer Hilton has served and protected people from all walks of life. In four years as a security officer with BOS, Jim has provided safety and protection for apartment complexes, area churches, as well as UGA’s Russell Research Center.

When it comes to his employers, as well as those with whom he works, Officer Hilton has a deep respect. “We are a law enforcement community, and I consider it an honor and privilege to work with the people here.” Says Jim Hilton. He thinks very highly of supervisor Todd Denton, along with all the members of management who, according to Officer Hilton, are “second to none. BOS is a first-rate company and employs high-quality security personnel.”

What I Do Matters Because

It is easy to see why Officer Hilton believes what he does matters. He is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all the members of the Athens community. Fostering relationships between the Athens PD and the community at large is one of the most important roles BOS fulfills, in his opinion.

According to Officer Hilton, “America is in one of the most turbulent times and security needs to be maximized. We help the police-as sort of an auxiliary police-and that relationship protects the community, residents and students.”

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is

“Helping to prevent someone from getting hurt. With thousands of students in the area, there’s always something that comes up. Teenagers acting without thinking can be a problem.”

Hilton recalled an incident recently where two young ladies were out in the downtown area and decided to lay down in the street on a “dare.” He swiftly called a halt to the behavior. Another incident occurred when a resident fell asleep on the railroad tracks. Officer Hilton believes he prevented a possible tragedy from occurring.

Officer Hilton sums it up quite nicely, “It’s good to be there to help people when they’re in trouble but it’s much better if we can prevent the trouble from happening.”

What Are You Most Proud of At Work?

Officer Jim Hilton takes as much pride in a job well done as he does in the company for which he works. Having worked all over the country, in security and as an EMT, Officer Hilton has had his share of experience with employers. He credits the management team at BOS as the reason behind the success of the company. Officer Hilton also points out that without such a high-quality team the local law enforcement couldn’t rely on BOS Security as much as they do. For that Officer Hilton credits “high caliber management“ along with “training that is second to none.” Officer Hilton believes the training at BOS meets higher standards than most police departments. And as is his kind and caring personality, Officer Hilton credits the talent and dedication of his fellow BOS security personnel “we have a very professional team.”


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