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The Difference Between Cybersecurity and Data Security 

When the topic of security arises, the discussion often turns to either physical security or virtual security. For the most part, physical security is straightforward. It’s about protecting people from assault or other attacks and keeping property free from theft or damage. When we delve into data and cybersecurity, the conversation can become more complex. 

What is the difference between the two?

What is Data Security?

 Data Security relates to the protection of the information you gather or transmit. Data security risk can be simple and non-malicious. It can be a matter of not storing, backing up or transmitting information properly. Resolving data security issues can be as simple as putting systems in place to regularly back up data, store it with encryption, and control unauthorized access. The fewer people who have access to data, the better the chance of keeping it safe.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is more complex and all-encompassing. In a general sense, it’s about keeping data as well as anything connected to the internet from attack. In a time when virtually everything is internet-enabled, a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is essential. Of course, you need to protect customers’ credit card info, but you must also be sure that your Wi-Fi can’t be accessed or the operation of your security cameras interfered with.

Which Does Your Business Need?

Both really. Make an appointment with a cybersecurity expert who can perform a full vulnerability assessment to know where to focus your attention. Data security you may be able to manage on your own. Add encryption to your data storage. Back it up to the cloud or an offsite location, password protect and limit access to data. Keep antivirus and other software updated regularly. These are the basics. A security professional can help you create a custom cybersecurity plan depending on your needs. Start by controlling access to your network, securing your Wi-Fi , and establishing a BYOD policy. 

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