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How to Qualify for a Job in Security

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Thinking about a job as a security officer? Good call! It’s a rewarding and exciting career for the right person. The need for security officers is growing and the opportunities are as varied as the guards themselves! You can keep active with security jobs requiring foot patrols or work in a remote virtual security office where you need to be attentive and alert. Wonder if you are qualified for a job as a security officer? 

Here’s what we require at BOS Security 

You must be at least 18 years old and be eligible to work in the United States. You will also be expected to have reliable transportation and communication. 

Every security officer must have:

    • Previous experience in security, law enforcement or the military.  
    • High school diploma or GED 
    • Ability to speak, read and write English 
    • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check 
    • Basic Technological ability  
    • Attention to detail 
    • Focus and vigilance 
    • Physical and mental stamina 


Some jobs may require:

    • Bilingual ability 
    • High level of physical fitness 
    • Training and licensing in the use of firearms 
    • Advanced technical savvy 

Why become a security officer?

As a security guard, you’ll use your skills and abilities to keep people and property safe. There is no limit to the possibilities in this flexible career path. You can work in a business park, a gated community, an airport and more! There are always a variety of shifts available, so if you have family obligations or wish to further your education, you can still work full-time or part-time if that what you prefer. 

If you have any questions about what it takes to be a security officer, contact BOS Security, or if you want a firsthand account of what it’s really like, read some of our “What I Do Matters blogs.  

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