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Becoming a Security Guard: What Motivates You?

You may have the skills to become a security guard, but what’s your motivation to enter this line of work? Security guards play a unique role, and it’s essential that you go into the field for the right reasons and with the right expectations and mindset. These are some of the ideal emotional qualifications and motivations of successful security officers. Do you possess these traits?

Want to Help

One of the most important motivations for security guards is the desire to help others. You serve as a protector and guide. Security guards don’t just protect people from harm, they also give them confidence and peace of mind, when there is no immediate threat, and even as they go about their daily lives.

Need for Flexibility

Guards are often motivated by flexibility. Security opportunities come up in a variety of shifts, so if you’re working to complete your education or have family obligations, you can find a security shift that will accommodate your needs.

Prefer Variety

It’s not just a desk job. Many people are just not cut out for sitting at a desk pushing paper from 9-5. While security, like any job, can have its dull moments, you can expect variety in your day. Depending on your assignment, you may interact with people frequently, walk a perimeter, or observe monitors. You’ll need to stay alert for long periods of time to make sure you don’t miss any signs of danger.

Good at Keeping People Calm

A security guard is often called upon to step in if there are emergencies like fires or natural disasters. The ability to prevent panic and get people to a place of safety is one of the most important parts of your job. Are you calm when everyone else is panicking? You may be an excellent security guard candidate.

Do you have what it takes to be a security guard?

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