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Questions You Should Ask Your Remote Guarding Provider​

Considering adding a remote guard to your security plan? The right provider can make all the difference in keeping your people and property safe.  This list will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on which remote security provider to choose. Here’s what you need to know.


How will you assess my requirements?

Every situation is different.  A remote guarding provider should work closely with you to understand your areas of concern or any prior incidents. Combined with the provider’s expertise, your input will determine the best security plan for you


What does the service include?

Will the remote guarding include equipment such as cameras or alarms or will they simply tap into your equipment? If they will be providing the equipment, what type of technology will they use? How often do they upgrade? Are maintenance and upgrades included? What is their response time if you have an equipment issue? Is monitoring provided 24/7?


Where does the monitoring take place?

It may not make a difference to you, because these centers are typically staffed 24/7/365, but many security customers prefer to partner with companies with U.S.-based operations. Communication may be simpler, and they may be better able to partner with law enforcement.


Do you have references?

The security company should not hesitate to provide them and you should not hesitate to check them. Specify that you would like references that are in a similar industry, which will face many of the same challenges.


What is the hiring process for security officers?

When you’re relying on a virtual security service, trust is essential. You won’t be meeting the guards in person, so you must count on the judgment of the remote guarding provider. Check that the officers are trained, licensed and background checked.



Is remote guarding for you?

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